Snapchat – Here’s How To Install It In Your PC And Laptop

  • Posted on: 7 May 2017
  • By: oranje

Snapchat is multimedia mobile application created by three former students at Stanford University. This image messaging socializing app can serve the function of introducing you to the world in a fun way. Many believe that other socializing apps like WhatsApp don’t provide the element of randomness and fun that Snapchat can bring to the table. That is precisely the reason why this video and photo sharing app is such a huge hit among millennials. If you are considering downloading the snapchat pc version for your laptop or PC, This review will come in handy.

Here, is offering to help us understand how to download this fun app to your laptop or PC if that is how you like it. Create conversations in this quirky app with instant photo sharing! Let’s check out how to do this from a PC. But, before that, let us go through some of the unique features of this photo sharing app. Here, we go now!

Snapchat users can take photos or videos on their phone cameras and send it instantly to other contacts who use this app. The advantage is that you can use any media as a conversational tool in a highly secure environment. Once you send a picture, it stays in the recipient’s screen for only a short period of time that you can select – usually between 1 to 10 seconds – and then self-deletes. So, your clicks which may be private and sensitive in nature would only have a short life unless the viewer takes a screenshot of it. Once the photo gets deleted, you won’t be able to find it even in the app’s server.

What makes Snapchat so popular is that you can not only send your photos in inventive poses but also add your own signature editing to make it even more interesting to your viewers. By adding some texts and drawings to your clicks, you can engage your viewers in the funniest manner possible. The latest version available is Snapchat and it has achieved over a 100 million downloads. Now let us find out how to accomplish all this from your PC/laptop which uses Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or Mac.

You need to do this with the help of emulators as these are not available for PCs/laptops as of now and there is no indication of the company making any move in that direction. An emulator can simulate an app environment in your PC making apps and games meant for mobile devices work on your PC as well. Let us see how to download this using BlueStack emulator.

Follow these simple steps to download Snapchat through BlueStack:

1. First, download BlueStack emulator which can be done quite quickly with a good internet connection.
2. When you launch BlueStack, you will find a search bar.
3. Enter ‘Snapchat” and hit search.
4. You will find that the app comes up in the search results.
5. Now, download the app. It will get installed in no time.
6. Launch the app.

Now, you are all set to do some unconventional chatting through your PC.