Proving The Faults Of The Person Responsible For A Car Accident

  • Posted on: 3 June 2016
  • By: oranje

In many accident cases it is easy to decide who is at fault and the reason for the accident. You can say the mistake is with a cyclist, pedestrian or a driver by your common sense. Do you know what are the rules violated by that person. In order to prove to the insurance company you must strengthen your argument and establish the other person’s fault.

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Police come to the accident spot either during the accident or after the accident and prepare the written report if someone got injured in the accident. In some police reports, police mention clearly the rules violated in the accident and some other cases just plainly state that due to crossing the violation the accident caused. You must also be aware about your state law so that when other person violated the state law, it acts as a support in your personal injury case. You can find your state law in the motor vehicles office or at public libraries.

Rear-end damage becomes your support if someone hits your vehicle from the back. For instance, if the front end of some one’s car is damaged and for the other person rear-end damaged then it is clear that who struck whom.

You must be very careful during left-turn because there are more chances of car collision during left-turn with the car that is coming straight at the other end. The accident may be due to the fact that the other car from opposite direction comes above the maximum speed limit. Even though the left turning car comes safely something might cause the car to drive slow or stop and this causes the accident. It is difficult to claim in this type of accidents caused during left turn.