Criminal Defense Attorney

Role Played By The Criminal Defense Attorney After Selection

  • Posted on: 27 February 2016
  • By: oranje

Selecting the criminal defense lawyer is very important. The success or failure of a case depends on how efficiently he handled the case. The lawyer will ensure to protect your right from the police during the investigation process.
Role of the attorney after charges are filed
Sometimes, you not aware that you need a lawyer until an arrest warrant is issued. The police may start their investigation without your knowledge. Once you hired a lawyer, he or she will request a bail for you. There is a possibility of your attorney’s presence during the investigation process when you are in police custody. He can also help for your release through a pretrial supervision agency.
Role of the attorney before charges are filed
Before the charges are filed against you, the law enforcement officers will meet those people whom they have doubts regarding the case trying to get any information favoring for the client in the case.
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You need to maintain silence during the investigation process in the presence of your lawyer. So it is better to contact a criminal lawyer once you got any communication from the police. Let him or her contact the police on your behalf.
You may see a sudden change in the behavior of your colleague and this will hint you that he o she is doing something against you. You can ask for similar type of hints from your lawyer. You criminal lawyer may also communicate with the police departments and get the status of the investigation and help you to escape from the crime or to reduce the punishment.