Facts About The Beautiful Costa Rica

  • Posted on: 6 August 2016
  • By: oranje

Costa Rica is located in the middle of the Central American country and the Caribbean Sea and North Pacific Ocean are its borders. The total coastline covers around 802 miles. It is the same size of West Virginia. It also contains numerous islands and the most important islands among them are Cocos Island and Calero Island. There are several provinces and more than 80 districts are available in this country. It is the best place for tourism and relaxing place at your old age. To buy a house in this country, look for the best Real Estate Costa Rica agent who has good homes for sale suitable for your requirement.

The country has several mountains and three important mountains range from northwest to southeast. There are many volcanic peaks among these mountain ranges. Most of the Costa Rica’s coastal side is humid and hot and covered with dense rainforests.

The biggest attractions of this country are rich destinations with several attractions and numerous exhilarating scenery, ecosystems and adventurous activities. In your Costa Rica trip, you can see cloud forests, rain forests, active volcanoes, and several miles beaches on both the Caribbean coast and the Pacific Ocean.

There are around 27 national parks in this country which is 11% of the country. It is a compact country which means you can visit several destinations in a single vacation with both fun and easy.

Do you want to enter Costa Rica country? If you are a citizen of US, Canada, Great Britain then you can stay there for a maximum of 90 days without Visa but a valid passport is a must. The currency of Costa Rica is the colon and it is further divided into 100 centimes. You can exchange money at all the state-owned banks. ATMs are widely available at all the tourist destinations in Costa Rica.

The best time for tourism in this country starts from late November to late April. The dry season is considered as the high season in this country. In Costa Rica, the rainy season runs from May to mid-November and Costa Ricans call this as the wet time of year. Mid-November to April is the summer time and the local people call it as dry season.

The biggest holidays in this country is during Christmas, Easter, and New Year since Costa Rica is a Roman Catholic country, the holidays are church related. It is home to several plants, animals and bird species. The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose which is the most cosmopolitan city in the Central America. San Jose is popular for exporting coffee to several places. The climate of Costa Rica particularly the climate of central Valley is a perfect match for growing coffee.

Costa Rica has fertile natural resources most often rainfall, well-educated people since it is a central American country, you can easily access to North and South America and there is ocean access to Asian and European continents. One-fourth of this country’s land is contributed to national forests adjoined with beaches which made this country popular tourist place for retired people and eco-tourists.