Facilities available in Newcastle Student Accommodation

  • Posted on: 2 March 2016
  • By: oranje

Student accommodation is a vast topic, and there are many factors to consider. It must have the basic facilities like kitchen, clean bathrooms, bedrooms, and a clean and calm environment. It should be within the students’ budget.
Why giving preference to Student accommodation? This is the place where the student spends most of his or her time to study, sleep and cook food. The place should be very close to the University so that it will be easy for him or her to travel daily with minimal bus fare. So choose a place that is easily accessible to the university.
Choosing a Newcastle University student accommodation
The Newcastle University student accommodation is located in Newcastle in the Northeast of England. The students will get all the amenities they require. It has many amazing places and streets like Castle Leazes, Bowsden Court, etc. There are many options available the student can choose the suitable one among them. Choosing Newcastle University
This university offers Graduation, Post graduation courses, Research centre, with best world class library, different types of student accommodation for both undergraduate and graduate students. The courses offered are really excellent, and Quality Assurance Agency has given a high rating for this University. The University also has an international presence in Singapore and Malaysia. It shows their dedication to education. Types of Student Accommodation The different types include Undergraduate Accommodation, Post Graduate Accommodation with Catered services or Self Catered services.

In the Catered services, you can get freshly cooked food during term time on weekdays. It also has other amenities like Computer, Shop, cluster, Snooker room, car parking area, music practice area. Also, a small kitchen will be available to prepare light meals and drinks. It makes your budget simpler.

In Self-catered accommodation, you have to share a central kitchen, study rooms and bedrooms, sharing a common room and bathroom or en-suite facilities. The cooking utensils like cooker, microwave oven, kettles and vacuum cleaners will be available. You can prepare your own food or you can get food at university campus