Applying Carbon Fiber Sheets for Car Interior Trim Is An Easy Job

  • Posted on: 2 November 2015
  • By: oranje

Applying carbon fiber vinyl sheet to the car interior might seem like a complex task at first, but if you follow the below mentioned steps, you will surely get through it, and Tesla model s carbon fiber is available in customized packages. Once it is opened, it cannot be closed. Thus, applying it accurately is a matter of prime importance. Here are the various steps you need to follow in order to install carbon fiber vinyl sheet in your car.
Initial steps for application of carbon fiber sheets
You must begin with the cleaning of the surface where the carbon fiber sheet is to be applied. Measures must be taken that no dust particles are present on the surface as it affects the adhering process. The carbon fiber adheres well in the absence of dust.
You must make sure that the surface is smooth and non-textured. After cleaning of the surface, open the carbon fiber vinyl sheet package you have ordered for the car. You must be very careful while you unroll the sheet. You must sit in an upright position with the sheet on your lap while you unroll it. Doing so will ease the application of the carbon fiber sheet.
Applying the finishing touch
Once you have unrolled the sheet, cut out the approximate size you require and start sticking the carbon fiber vinyl sheet in a desired area. While sticking the sheet, press it tightly in order to have proper adhering. Once you have completed the sticking process, mark the extra sheet using the head of a pen or your finger and then trim the extra carbon fiber vinyl sheet.
A job well done
Once you have completed the above mentioned process, you are free to admire the new look of your car. You must ensure that the fiber sheet is properly tucked in so that it lasts long and do not come off in a few days. A heat gun can be used too for sticking and stretching of the carbon fiber vinyl sheet over curved surfaces of the interior of your car.