Different Kinds of Night Vision Binoculars

  • Posted on: 13 July 2015
  • By: oranje

Once upon a time, night vision binoculars were owned by the rich and famous people. It remained as a status symbol mainly because of its cost and features. But now it is owned by small kids to young people. It is used for security, night vision filming and photography, observing nocturnal wildlife and for marine investigation. There are different kinds of night vision binoculars available in the market. It is advisable to choose and purchase the right one as per your requirement. If you want to read reviews or know about the latest features of the binoculars, visit http://www.huntingforbinoculars.net/.
Today, let us discuss about the various kinds of night vision binoculars in detail.
First generation: It is an affordable model, and it is used by all common people around the city. In this binocular model, you can amplify to an average side of one thousand. Such first generation binoculars remain useful when you want to watch the moon that has fully covered the sky with three bright stars.
Second generation: It is mostly used by the law enforcement agencies. It can be used when you want to watch the crescent moon in the dark. The price of second generation binoculars is a bit expensive than the first generation model. But to be frank, it is worth for the features and the price. With the second generation model, you can see the images clearer, brighter and sharper than the previous generation night viewing binoculars. If you want to use an advanced version of the first generation model, then you can plan or think to purchase the second generation model.
Fourth and third generation: Both the models are highly popular and used mostly in the cloudy dark nights. It can be especially used when the when the light power is low and weak. It is extremely expensive, and people will come forward to purchase these two advanced models. The images will be highly clearer and sharper than its previous versions and generation binoculars.